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CCUS specialist

We are looking for CCUS specialist to join with our client.


Position: CCUS specialist
Location: Bangkok
Start: January 2022
Nationality: Expatriate or Thai National
Job Category: Contract 1 year then permanent


• A bachelor’s degree in Geology, Petroleum Engineering or Chemical Engineering from an accredited University. A PhD is an advantage
• Knowledge and at least 5 years of experience of drilling technology, injectors, and flooding.
• A thorough understanding, or at least working knowledge on CCUS technology is a requirement.
• Relevant practical experience e.g., in infrastructure finance and plant engineering is welcome.
• Working experience for a (major) E&P or chemical company is an advantage. International experience is a plus. Professional registration is encouraged if not already obtained.
• The successful candidate is a strong leader and must always consider the economic and political feasibility, given the immense financing needs and accepting challenges of CCUS.
• Knowledge on climate- and energy policy (targets), and social skills are an advantage to affect public and stakeholder CCUS measurements acceptance.
• Experience in writing technical reports in English. Presentation skills and position advocacy are recognized strengths.

Scope of Work:

• Design a CCUS plan/program and lead the implementation of the program to reduce the emission of CO2, which results from all activities of our client, both on-and offshore, as well from other industries. This implementation plan is built on 6 cluster areas:
- Full-scale projects
- Clusters and infrastructure
- Capture
- Storage
- Utilization
- Modeling, primarily to accelerate the large-scale deployment of CCUS technologies and meet the implementation plan’s targets.

More specifically, responsibilities are:
• Developing whole-chain commercial-scale CCUS projects from industrial and E&P CO2 sources, as well as in the power sector and for low-carbon hydrogen production
• Implementation of the following specific CCUS technologies:
- Capture technologies take CO2 from exhaust or reformed gases or stationary sources using pre-combustion, post-combustion, or oxy-combustion techniques
- Sequestration technologies deposit captured CO2 in geological formations deep in the subsurface, such as old oil- and gas reservoirs
- Enhanced Oil Recovery from (nearly depleted) reservoirs by means of carbon dioxide injection
- Utilization means using captured CO2 directly – or converting captured CO2 and other gases into useful industrial products like chemicals or fuels
- Mobile Carbon Capture technologies capture CO2 from mobile sources (transportation at plants or cranes at offshore installations) and store the gas on board, for later sequestration or utilization
- Direct Air Capture processes capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere (rather than at source), to be sequestered or utilized
• Manage the many challenges associated with CCUS developments. Technical hurdles associated with CO2 properties include:
- To successfully store CO2 underground, operators need a secure, leak-proof way to transport and inject it into underground wells. During this operation, pipes need to withstand a range of different pressure and temperature.
- Another concern is CO2 corrosion in presence of water, oxygen and other impurities in the CO2 stream, which could cause a significant corrosive environment for pipes.
• Developing a (SE Asian cross-border) CO2 infrastructure and monitoring the progress of SE Asian CO2 Projects of Common Interest.
• Promoting pilot projects on promising new capture technologies and CCU
• Stressing how important it is to further develop CO2 storage in Asia. This may include overcoming political, public and stakeholder opposition and get support to storing or utilizing emissions abroad vs. domestically.
• Communicate results in a clear manner, verbally and in written form. Proper English grammar and composition ability is essential.
• Work in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams. Key member of Team.

Any interested, please submit CV & certificate to : &

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