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OPS Oilfield Equipment and Services Ltd.

The original ‘OPS’ services company in Thailand was established and set-up in 2007, named ‘Oilfield Professional Services Ltd’, which is a support base and logistics company, set-up to support the operators, drilling & work-over operators and third party contractors for their needs for offices, warehouses, storage space, accommodation, catering, trucking, crane and forklift services. The ‘OPS’ base facility in Northern Thailand in Lan Krabue is the only base facility set-up and certified for radioactive storage bunkers and explosive storage bunkers.  


In 2010 the ‘OPS-Oilfield Equipment & Services Ltd.’ services company was established and set-up, initially as an Inspection Services provider, covering the full range of inspection services required by the operators and contractors onshore and offshore. The OPS-OES Inspection Services has rapidly expanding their services to meet and keep-up with the demand from the industry and is presently able to provide a ‘One-Stop Service Solution’ for the clients in SEA & Middle East, including for the MODU/RIG Surveys & Inspections, Helicopter Deck Inspections, Helicopter Refueling System Inspection, Drilling Contractor Equipment Inspections and we keep expand. Having our inspection and support bases the Songkhla, Sattahip, Phitsanoluk, and Ranong covering Thailand and Myanmar operations, with an additional base facility in Myanmar at the offshore Thaketa base.


The OPS-OES other main business segment is the full range of well construction equipment, rental & services, covering the full range of equipment, fluids, chemicals, drill bits, reamers casing/tubing, cement accessories - floats/centralizers – ICP/ECP and downhole tools, which required from Spud-in the well to TD, together with the full range for well completion equipment, all of well know and proven quality. This business segment includes a variety of ‘niche products & services’, complimenting any requirement for well maintenance, production optimization, well repair or other support required during the lifetime of the well.


For the ‘downstream’, energy sector and commercial sector another full range of products, chemicals, and services available.


The OPS-OES HQ is in Bangkok, with a full team of experienced managers, operations team, surveyors, account managers, HR, and finance team. Other offices c/w inspection teams, field supervisors and bases are located in Sattahip, Songkhla, Ranong and Lan Krabue (Phitsanoluk).


The ‘OPS Oilfield Equipment & Services Myanmar Ltd.’ service company is set-up and fully registered for all services offered under OPS-OES, with the office and BD team located in Yangon and base facility at the Thaketa offshore port.


At OPS-OES the SSHE comes first and Training of the Staff being of high priority, to meet and support our clients with a professional second to none services. 


OPS-OES is fully ISO Certified 9001/14001/45001. 


We keep expanding our product lines and services with new innovative and quality products, aiming for environmental friendly products.

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