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Wellsite Geologists

OPS OES provides only experienced wellsite geologists to work individually or back-to-back to support single- or multi well drilling programs. Routinely, the position will operate on a 2-week on 2-week off rotation throughout the campaign. Our wellsite geologists are experienced and have an excellent understanding and working knowledge of the drilling process and subsurface data acquisition. As a standard, the OPS OES candidates have a BSc. Geology with minimum five years continuous experience as wellsite geologist. Our selected candidates have good interpersonal skills and English verbal and written communication skills and liaise comfortably with all levels rig based Company personnel, Company contracted personnel and shore based Geological and Drilling Teams (through the operations geologist).


Operations Geologists


Our candidate operations geologists are experienced and have excellent working knowledge of procedures during the planning -, the drilling- and post-drilling phase of a well or during a multi-well drilling program. As such, the operations geologist has the geological supervision and is focal point for all geological issues during drilling operations and serves as key player in multi-disciplinary well planning and drilling teams. A major responsibility is that the operations geologist is on call 24/7 and should report preliminary pay count and additional zones of interest to Client’s project G&G staff, after receiving and reviewing the initial electric logs.


As a standard, the OPS OES operations geologists are qualified Geoscientist (BSc or MSc) with 5-10+ years’ experience in geological drilling operations. He has a basic understanding of geophysical and reservoir engineering concepts. Our operations geologists can handle a multitude of data and to work under severe pressure.

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