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QA/QC seismic data acquisition and processing

Many operators have a separate department with geophysical staff responsible for contracting geophysical survey companies and closely monitor the data acquisition and processing. This is certainly not always the case. In these cases, OPS OES Thailand can handle these responsibilities.


OPS OES Thailand provides highly qualified and specialized professional personnel with over 10-20 years of experience to handle the QA/QC of the acquisition and processing of 2D and 3D seismic data, and all facets that make up a full project. Personnel that we can deliver are:


  • Onshore QA/QC representative/Seismic Project Manager

  • Seismic Acquisition QA/QC Consultant

  • Navigation Data QA/QC Consultant

  • On-board Seismic Processing QA/QC Consultant

  • Seismic Technical Auditor


Personnel is fully qualified to perform QA/QC on 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition in many different environmental conditions, i.e., from deep water marine to shallow marine and on land. It is essential that seismic contractor’s equipment perform to industry standards; our seismic consultants have the capability to perform full technical inspections according to Client’s specifications.


At the end of a survey, our seismic consultants will deliver a full, independent and impartial evaluation of the performance of the seismic contracting company and their equipment. The Client will receive a comprehensive final report, both in hard - and soft copy.


Likewise, many operators have their own department to get the best quality data processing possible. As an alternative, OPS OES delivers QA/QC processing consulting personnel who have experience in processing of 2D and 3D data, acquired in many different environments. They all have worked with a variety of industry standard systems and have experience in 3D towed streamer surveys.


In absence of sufficient manpower, we deliver HSE consulting personnel who can help our Client’s HSE department to ensure that the seismic contractor adheres to the same HSE standards that the Client imposes on its own staff and departments. To save time to our Clients, our consulting staff performs a full HSE audit to ensure compliance by the contractor company.

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