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Due to heightened requirements  from regulatory bodies and customer’s internal quality assurance guidelines, equipment calibration is becoming more important to the industry. OPS – OES provides on-site and in-the-lab pressure gauge and chart recorder calibration using high accuracy, NIST traceable pressure calibration standards. Our pressure calibrator uphold industry leading accuracies of 0.05% (full scale). This level of accuracy ensures 4:1 accuracy ratio compliance even for customers who maintain the most stringent process tolerances. Upon completion of calibration, certificates with information on as-found data, as-left data, test point deviations, instrument tolerance and instrument operating range.

We follow formal, documented procedures when performing calibration. These calibration procedures are maintained in our quality system, pursuant to document control guidelines.

If  client require specific test points for an instrument, we will use those test points when performing the calibration. If not, we prefer to use a minimum of five test points to establish linearity.

We calibrate instruments throughout their full ranges unless client requests that a calibration be performed over a more narrow, application specific range, or at a point of use. If the instrument fail the as-found calibration, we automatically attempt to adjust it so that It passes the as-left calibration.

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