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Every OPS inspection base is equipped with hydro test bay. Test bays in each location are designed for safe and efficient testing. Hydro testing at remote locations can be serviced readily with our mobile hydro testing containers, built to highest standard steel/wood walls for optimum safe operations. The p-test lines are fed thru the wall to the test area with the operator working safely at the built-in operator safe cabin. The test unit is equipped with lifting hoist, barriers, warning devices and SSHE signs. Tests are performed by experienced technicians and crew, equipped with all of the required training/certification for the profession. The test equipment such as pumps, gauges & chart recorders are all  of international brands, duly calibrated and certified. Hydro tests are performed in accordance with ASME standards, OPS Hydro testing IOP, manufacturer’s or client specification. As safety aspect, OPS recommends that applicable NDT be performed prior to hydro testing on any pressurized equipment.


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Chiksan / Flow line , Oil / Water / Air /Gas Tank, Pressure Relief  Valve, Riser Spool, X-mas tree, BOP, Blind Flange, Pressurized flow lines, Kill/Choke Manifolds, Well Control Equipment,, etc.


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- Seal / O-ring replacement
- Re-dressing
- Iron repair & maintenance
- Tagging with permanent identification band
- Cleaning & painting
- Borescope Inspection

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