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OPS OES Thailand offers an integrated service in oil-and gas development projects and Field Development Planning. Our G&G and RE team provides optimized development scenarios for on-and offshore fields in an efficient and timely fashion. Our people are familiar with most industry software. They work independently for our Clients, but will be closely interacting with and mentoring Client’s less experienced staff.



Our Services


The development stage takes place after successfully completing the appraisal period and before the beginning of the field production. One of the main challenges for the industry includes determining the optimal way to develop and produce from an oil or gas field. Here, the Field Development Plan (FDP) comes in to provide the best technical solution and guide for optimizing the development and production of a field. FDP’s include all necessary information, on which economic decisions are being made by the oil and gas producing companies.


Using the reservoir numerical model is a key tool to determine the optimum techniques for recovery of the hydrocarbons from the reservoir. (Source Slide Share)

Optimal FDPs are generally very complicated, and need the input from multiple disciplines, often working individually, and integrating their results in the final report.

OPS OES provides teams of highly senior industry professionals to execute such Field Development Plan studies in a time-effective fashion.

Field 01.jpg

Field Development Planning: Required skills for an integrated multidisciplinary FDP team.

In order to mitigate the uncertainty and inaccurate assessment of the field production rate, and ultimate recovery, OPS OES will only provide “peak” Reservoir and Production Engineers, who will be leading the FDP study.


Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Data gathering, review and database building

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Geological studies

  • Geophysical studies

  • Reservoir characterization, core analysis, fluid contacts estimation, reservoir uncertainty and appraisal planning

  • Volumetrics and risking in each possible reservoir

  • Classical reservoir engineering

  • Static and dynamic reservoir modeling

  • Reserves and production profile

  • Infrastructure

  • Well design and construction

  • Well completion design

  • Surface facilities

  • Evaluation of the technical and commercial risks involved

  • Identification of the optimal number of wells, its design and completions, bringing the wells to potential

  • Enhanced recovery techniques, estimated ultimate recovery

  • Production performance monitoring and optimization

  • Proposing of infill drilling, work-over operations and well interventions

  • Field management plan, concept studies

  • CAPEX versus OPEX

  • Net Present Value

  • Alternative development scenarios

  • Decommissioning and abandonment costs

  • Evaluation of near-field opportunities, upside, technical issues and costs of discovering the hydrocarbons


Example of all development well locations as part of an optimized Field Development Plan (FDP) Source: SPE 161507, 2012.

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