Well construction full range of equipment sale and services, including but not limited to the following:

  • New wells: Casing, tubing, centralizers, float equipment, liner hangers, ECP, Hyd Stage Colllars, Sand Screens, Frac Fluid & Proppant,  
  • Plug back and side track of existing wells: Bridge Plugs, Inflatable Plugs, Retrievable Plugs, Whip-stock, Cement Wiper Plugs,
  • Repair of existing wells: Casing Patch, Liquid Bridge Plug, WellBond, Poly Plug, 
  • Completion: Packers (Full Range), SPM, SSD, Nipples, WEG, SMART Completion, TT Inflatable Plugs, TT Sand Screens, Sand Screens, Swell Packers, ICD, Flapper Valves, Artificial Lift Systems, 
  • Chemical for Drilling, Completion & Cementing Technology
  • Fluids and chemicals for work-over, production and well equipment leak repairs;
  • Full range of P&A equipment, products and services;
  • PDC and Tricone Drill Bits.
  • Drilling Reamers & Down Hole Drilling Tools
  • Drilling Torque Reduction Tools
  • CCU Rental Services
  • HP & Hydraulic Hose Sale


  • Drilling / Completion String Inspection & Maintenance
  • OCTG Tubing Casing Inspection, Maintenance & Management
  • Hard Banding Application
  • Nondestructive Testing (MPI / DPI / UT / Visual / Load & Hardness Testing / Borescope Inspection)
  • Hydro Testing
  • Rig & Equipment Inspection
  • Pressure Gauge – PRV – Chart Recorder – Weight Indicator – Tools Calibration & Certification Services
  • Load Testing
  • HP Hose Borescope & Hydrotest
  • Inspection Equipment Rental


  • MODU Survey & Inspection Services covers the following rig types:
    • Drill Ships (MDW & UDW)
    • Semi-Sub (MDW & UDW)
    • Jack-Up Rigs •Tender Assist Rigs
    • Platform Rigs
    • Land Rigs
    • HWO Units
    • Helideck Inspections & Helicopter Refueling System Inspection
    • Rig Projects
    • FPSO
  • MODU Survey & Inspection Services types as following:
    • Rig & Office QHSE Inspection (Safety Audit & Safety Management System)
    • Rig Condition Survey (Mechanical, Electrical & Well Control)
    • Rig Selection Survey (Mechanical, Electrical & Well Control)
    • Rig Well Control Equipment Audit (Surface, Subsea and Riser Systems)
    • Rig Acceptance Survey /System Integration Testing \
    • Rig Equipment Failure Analysis Services (Mechanical, Electrical, Well Control)
    • Rig CompEx Survey •Drilling Contractual Technical Annex Review Service
    • Rig Hot & Cold Stacking Service •Rig Preventive Maintenance System Audit •Rig In-depth Jacking System Survey
    • Rig Helideck Inspections
    • FPSO


  • Drilling Managers
  • Rig Managers
  • Drilling, Completion, Work-over and P&A Supervisors
  • Fishing Supervisors
  • DD/MWD Coordinators & Supervisors
  • Mud Engineers • •Cement Supervisors
  • Mud Logging Supervisors & Crews
  • Well Test Supervisors
  • Platform Construction 
  • SSHE Managers & Supervisors
  • Rig Crews Offshore and Onshore


  • Logistic, Support and Storage Bases in Songkhla complete with offices, open/covered storage areas, containers, workshop and 24/7 Security Services.
  • Logistic, Support and Storage Base in Sattahip complete with offices, open/covered storage areas, containers, workshop, CCTV and 24/7 Security Services.
  • Logistic, Support and Storage Bases in Phitsanoluk complete with offices open/covered storage areas, containers, workshop, machine shop, CCTV, Explosive Bunker, Radioactive Bunker, Accommodation, Catering, Laundry  and 24/7 Security Services.
  • Logistic, Support and Storage Base in Ranong. (Call off)
  • Fleet of 20 ft. and 40 ft. storage and workshop containers.
  • Fleet of 3MT, 5MT & 10MT forklifts.
  • Fleet of 40 ft. trailer trucks, 6 wheel trucks, double cabin pick-up trucks, etc. for rent.
  • Chemical Blending Services.
  • Equipment, Tubular & Chemical Storage complete with Inventory Management.
  • Import/Export Support Services for Operators and Contractors.


The ‘OPS’ full range of accommodation, laundry and catering services has been provided since 2008 for several clients and third party contractors, this including domestic transport from airports to accommodation facilities, in the field transport & meal supply, meals & snacks during meeting and/or training sessions and meals & drinks during rig move operations.
This service can be ‘tailored’ to meet any specific request or needs from the client and at any location in Thailand.

The service offered:

  • Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs.
  • Offshore Production Platforms, Barges, FPSO and Vessels.
  • Onshore Production and Well Services Set-up.
  • Onshore/Offshore other Projects.

Organized  –  Professional  –  Safe 

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